Freyja vom Wenner Haus SBN SCN RN RI TKN  CGC
DM clear
official OFA coming in February..  passed all prelims

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Sire: UCH Stryker vom Coppermoon

2021 GSDCA High in Trial

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freyja christmasFreyja is a beautiful, all black, medium sized female. Freyja is our 5th generation and is co owned with Judy Peterson. She is super smart and has medium drives with a great off switch. She is currently working towards her obedience, rally, agility, Scentwork/nosework, barn hunt, conformation and trick dog titles! She is even showing in AKC conformation and doing well in that venue... She is a busy girl. She reminds me a lot of her grandmother, Linea...  Built to work and very athletic. Great temperament and very easy to work with... Very excited to watch her in the coming years...
Freyja 10 mo freyja 10 mo 
photos taken at 10 mo. of age..  practicing nosework.

arya stackedarya headArya, Freyja's Mother, is a beautiful, rich colored,  black sable female. She is smaller weighing about 59# but still a powerhouse. She LOVES to work and do anything as long as it is with me. She has a great temperament and is super funny and cuddly but protective, so a very balanced dog. She is very athletic and very active. Like all my dogs she competes in everything that I am able to do with her and she is also in training to take her mom's place as my service dog when she is no longer able..

Just some of her accomplishments are:
National Rankings:
AKC High in Trial x5
AKC High in Trial Preferred x2Arya HIT GSDCA
AKC High in Trial GSD
AKC High Triple Score in Rally x6
AKC High Combined Score Rally x4
2021 GSDCA National High in Trial

2021 #1 GSD Novice B Front and Finish
2021#10 Herding Group Novice B Front and Finish
2021 #1 GSD Novice B GSDCA
2021 #20 High in Trials Front and Finish
2021 GSDCA National Elite Award
2021 GSDCA National High in Trial
2019 Beginner Novice B #4
2019 Rally Novice B #8
2019 Rally Intermediate #4
UKC Reserve Best Puppy In Show x 2

Linea, Freyja's grandmother, is a beautiful bi color female with rich pigment and is the granddaughter of our male, Jaryn "Logan" von der Dornburg
. She is clear headed and has an amazing personality and temperament; she gets along with everyone she meets whether they have 2 legs or 4.

Linea is very athletic and built to work just like grandfather and very eager to learn and please. She loves to jump and does so with ease. Linea, like all my dogs, competes in a wide variety of venues including: Schutzhund, AKC/UKC obedience and rally, conformation, weight pulling, herding, nosework, lure cursing and whatever else we can find. Plus she is Therapy Dog Certified and now my current service dog.
UKC Grand Champion
UKC Best of Breed x7
UKC Group 3 x2
UKC Group 4 x2
IABCA Best of Breed x3
IABCA Group 3
High In Trial (AKC) x5
High Combined In Rally (AKC) x 18
Highest Triple Score in Rally (AKC) x 11
High in Trial Rally (UKC)
High in Class Barnhunt Novice (BHA)
2013 #10 Nationally in Beginner Novice GSDCA
2015 GSDCA National High in Trial
2015, 2016 GSDCA National Elite Award
2015 UKC Obedience All Stars-Novice
2015 #5 Nationally in Novice B GSDCA

2016 #4 Nationally Front and Finish Open A
2016 #5 Nationally in Open A GSDCA
2019 #5 Rally Dog of the Year (GSDCA)
2019 #9 Rally Master (GSDCA)
2019 #7 Rally Excellent B (GSDCA)
UKC Super Dog Award (2017)
High Combined Overall Novice Containers Scentwork (AKC)
High Combined Novice Containers GSD Scentwork (AKC) x2
High Combined Novice Exteriors GSD Scentwork (AKC)
2019 Rally Dog of the Year (AKC GSDCMSP)


Kantor, Freyja's Grandsire, is best described by his owner, Melinda Clark with vom Gildaf GSDs, "Kantor is our full DDR black sable import. He is backed by an excellent pedigree, excellent structure, drive and temperament. He is social and outgoing, yet very protective by nature. Kantor has some of the all time great DDR (East) dogs in his pedigree. He is sired by Ron v. Ludwigseck and his Dam is Bea vom Klödener Riß. Other notable greats in Kantor's pedigree include Sando v. Haus Iris, Sven v. Grafental, Don v. Haus Iris and Tino vom Felsenschloß. We would like to thank Jürgen Müller at vom Beerenhof in Germany for this exceptional male. And many thanks to Claudia Beer for loving and training Kantor through his SchH1 title."

Thanks again to Melinda for allowing us to use Kantor in our breeding program. 

Linea's grandsire, Int. CH, UCH, UCD OB1 Jaryn "Logan" von der Dornburg SchH 1, TR 2, AD, CDX, TD, Can. CD, RE, RL1, OV, TDI, CGC, has a truly amazing pedigree just check out his page for complete details.  Logan is the son of V Rocky von den Zinglegärten SchH3 IP3, FH1 Kkl1'a' who has compete well at the world level as well as many of his offspring. Rocky has competed at the WUSV for Germany, and at the Bundessieger, placing third in 2001and tenth in 2000! Rocky is described as a friendly and out-going dog in person and he shows wonderful concentration in his work. He is known for producing mentally stable progeny. Logan’s dam, Isa von der Kinzigau SchH3 Kkl1'a', is best described by her owner, Laurie Tollifson, “Isa is a little power house. Wild as a March hare yet as intense as a hawk. She has a strong work ethic, balanced drives and a fun-loving personality. Also, extreme trainability and hits like a Mack truck.” Isa earned her SchH 3 at 24 months and took SG1 at the 2001 South Central Regional Conformation Show. Logan's pedigree consists of many world and national competitors- 3 WUSV participants, 11 BSP participants with 1 Sieger and 9 with V scores! and 3 LGA participants...

Linea's dam is SG Valley von Holtgrew SchH 1 Kkl1. She is a Logan daughter and has a super temperament. When she was in Germany being trained and titled she would work with anyone and was one of their favorites.

Linea's sire is V14 '11 Gordon vom Fuchsgraben SCHH3 IPO3 FH2 Kkl1 and is best described by his owner, Kris Taylor, "Gordon is an exceptionally powerfully built dog.  He has superb explosive muscle tone with a very easy gait and has an extreme pigmentation that is second to none with working line dogs.  He carries these traits with many of his offspring as he reproduces himself very well. He is amazingly well balanced in his drives, temperament and nerves.  Gordon is a top sport level competition dog currently still competing nationally and will continue to compete in the conformation ring at the highest levels.  His character is magnificent which makes him the picture perfect family dog. Gordon is completely neutral to other dogs showing zero aggression to other dogs, cats or any other animals. He is wonderful with small children and anyone acting in a normal fashion.  Try to break into his house or approach a vehicle he is occupying and he would trigger every natural fear in a human nervous system.  He is not a dog any stranger could just walk off with."

Linea's grandsire (sire side) is V KK1 Vito vom Waldwinkel SCH3. Many think that Vito vom Waldwinkel to be the best son of WUSV Sieger Tom van't Leefdaalhof, producing dogs to the BSP and WUSV. Vito is known for producing strong working ability, as exhibited by his progeny at the top level of the sport in the prese
nt time. This is exemplified by the strong working kennels in Europe that bred to him and dogs that are on the competition field.

Linea is linebred on 1989 WUSV SIEGER Fado von Karthago SCHH3 FH IP3 on both the sire and dam's side. Fado von Karthago SCHH3 FH IP3 Kkl1 won the WUSV in 1989 and 2nd Place in 1990!





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