~July 26th, 2003~
BH (German Companion Dog)

Minnesota Working Rottweiler Club, MN

Under judge, Dave Grant

~June 4th, 2004~
Obedience 1

National Obedience Championships, IN

2nd in class, 9th overall!

This was our first real trial and Logan was the youngest dog competing, just over 2 years old.

Judges, Mike Hamilton, Al Govednik, Nikki Banfield

~June 5th-6th, 2004~

Competed for SchH 1

Good Sportsmanship Award!

HOT Tournament, IN (USA)

Yes, this photo is real. I think he thinks he's part bird dog...

~July 17th, 2004~

Logan earned his SchH 1 title with High Obedience!

Minnesota Valley Schutzhund Verein (USA)
Under USA judge Mike Caputo.

In his obedience critique, Mike states, "Really, really, really nice recall, nice to watch. Shows super drives for his dumbbell/retrieving, on the 1 meter jump, 4 plus powerful with lots of drive." And for his send out," very fast send out, one of the best I have seen even on the national level." Score-91!

During his protection critique, Mike says, "He has a strong continuous, energetic barking with very good controlled aggression." Also, referring to the defensive attack, "initially he did not have a full grip but I was impressed because he counters in to get a full grip." Score-86 and pronounced!

Sorry no picture...but I can tell you it was very beautiful up there in northern WI and I would trial there again...
~August 29th, 2004~
AD (Ausdauerprüfung-Endurance Title)

O.G. Inselstadt Schutzhund Club, WI (USA)

Under judge, Al Govednik

~June 17th, 2006~
Tracking 2 Title

High Tracking 2!!!

North East Iowa Schutzhund Club (USA)

Under Judge Mike Caputo...



Photo by Karl Sather.

~June 9, 2007~

Logan earns his Family Obedience Title (FO)...

Under Judge Jerri Lindsey

Minnesota Mixed Breed Club (UKC/SDA)

~Sept. 14th , 2008~
Protection Obedience 1 (OB1)

International Association of Presa Canario (UKC/SDA)

Under judge Christine Gajda

Logan also had fun with the 50 yard dash, had a time of 4.92 seconds...

Photos show:  Logan and me with the judge, fus, going through gate, recall, in/out of vehicle, and the most important-PLAYTIME!!!

Melissa McIntyre - Mankato MN -  melissa -at- vomwennerhaus.com