~July 8-11, 2010~
Ceyla competed at the Dock Dogs Dock Jumping event at Redwood Falls, MN and did a super job at only 14 mo. old. Ceyla is only 1 of 5 or 6 GSDs in the world competing in Dock Dogs ! Her best recorded jump was 13' 6" !

Dock Jumping photos taken by CBBC photography...

~October 30th-31st, 2010~

Ceyla earned her United Junior Jumper Title and also earning a 2nd place in the finals...
She beat her personal best distance with 14'10" recorded and 15'8" in practice !

Gateway Nationals (UKC) at the Purina Farms

~May 12th, 2011~

Ceyla earns her Canine Good Citizen Title and Therapy Dog Certification under Linda Murray !!

~July 16th, 2011~

Ceyla earns her UKC Weight Pull Title !!! 
Thanks to Tracie Karsjens for helping me finish her title...

Ceyla pulled 975#,
not too bad for a 53# dog...

~July 17th, 2011~

Ceyla earns the UKC Total Dog Award !!!
Ceyla qualified in rally and then finished her UKC Championship title...  Thanks again to Tracie Karsjens and Donna Beadle for helping me !

 United German Shepherd Dog Alliance (UKC) and Minnesota Mixed Breed Club


~May 19th, 2013~

Ceyla finishes her Coursing Ability title!

Greater Twin Cities Afghan Hound Club (AKC)

She has 1 leg for her UKC lure coursing title as well...



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