March 2009
C Litter vom Gildaf

Logan and Angel
Breeder: Melinda Clark Wisconsin
Puppies Born May 5th, 2009
5 Boys and 2 Girls

Int. CH, UCH, UCD OB1 Jaryn "Logan" von der Dornburg SchH 1, TR 2, AD, CDX, TD, Can. CD, RE, RL1, OV, TDI, CGC
OFA EXCELLENT and Normal elbows, "a" normal, HDZ 74

Angel von Sandokan BH CGC
"a" normal and Normal elbows
Angel is described by her owner, Melinda Clark:

Angel is a recent import from Germany for vom Gildaf Kennels and is 100% DDR (East German) lines. She comes from very classic German lines. Angel is a black sable, high in ball drive. She will trial for her SchH1 title in 2009, with many other titles to come too.

"Angel is a super dog. I am extremely impressed with how sweet and stable she is. She loves kids, people, and dogs. Great work drives. She's very very nice. She's a nice size at about 59 pounds. Very sturdy. athletic, with a compact body, excellent structure.. Great ball and tug drive. Loves to please! She has an excellent temperament and a fun, outgoing personality. She is friendly people, children and dogs. Angel has rock solid nerves and walks in to any situation confident."

Angel's  Dam is Wendy von Sandokan SchH 2 Kkl 2, a medium/large size female. Her first litter in Germany has been a-stamp normal hips, elbows and progressing in sport today, this is Angel's litter. Wendy's sire, SG Alf von Osterburg Quell SchH 3 (Litter Brother to SG Alk von Osterburg Quell SCHH3 DPO2.WPO.3XUSA DPO CH..7TH WORLD Kkl 1)  and dam, Gitti von Sandokan SchH 1 are from the old true DDR lines. Wendy was titled at early age to SchH 2. She has high defense and high prey drive. She has been shown in agility and has 9 first place wins!!! She is now being handled by a junior, Click here to see photos and videos of her protection work... 

"Lord vom Gleisdreieck, great grandsire, was a top producing male who was renowned for imparting  excellent working drives into his offspring and was one to the finest producers of sound hips (producing good to excellent hips around 98.5% success rate).  Lord got his SchH1 titles with a perfect score of 300. Out of his first 19 trials, he scored 15 perfect 100 in tracking. His lowest tracking score was 97.  Lord had a very long successful list of outstanding working progeny. There were 15 BSP competitors.." from Schraderhaus K9.

Angel's grandsire, sire side, is SG Nando von den Gnitzer Höhen SchH3-V  IPO3 Kkl2. He had produced 40 litters in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Holland and USA. He was known for producing very good health, very good anatomy and temperament, good bones, big heads and good color. He produced good prey drive and very good aggression. In protection work, he was a dog with very good prey drive (not so normal in this time for pure DDR). From the start he had very good grips and by age 2 he had very high aggression against the helper. In 1 years time he earned SchH I to III. In 1998 he competed at the LGA with a score of  95/90/94 = 279, Ranked 3rd and earned a place on the BSP Team.  Click here for more information on Nando.

Many of Angel's siblings, aunts and uncles are UKC champions and grand champions, Int. champions, schutzhund competitors even in the LGA, and I even found a herding and SAR dog.... 

Angel carries the black recessive gene...  These pups will be dark sables and black and tans.

This litter should produce high quality working dogs with happy temperaments suitable for sport/competition or working.

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 5 boys and 2 girls


Here are some photos of Angel

She's getting bigger, this is 10 days before the puppies are due....

Here are some photos of her littermates and full siblings

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